DIY Christmas Centerpiece

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Lately I've been mildly obsessed with stripes so naturally I wanted to incorporate them into my holiday decor. Specifically black  and white stripes with shades of green. I felt this would work best in my dining room because the black would help ground my table without looking too goth.
Here are a few DIY tips to get this gorgeous expensive look for less. Number one, use what you have ie your outdoor summer lanterns, greenery from your yard etc. Number two, don't be afraid to scale big, as long as your guests have room for their food and wine you're good to go. Number three, mix real with fake, I do this all the time, the real is too expensive and the fake is too sad but mixed together they look full and lovely.

Here are the things you'll need. Note, you'll also need twist-ties but I forgot to add them to the pic: 

 Okay, to make the bow, simply loop the wide ribbon and tie it with the twist-tie.

 Loop again and tie again. Repeat as desired.

 Fold in the outer edges of the loops to give your bow a finished look. Scrunch it a bit and voila.

Layer your branches, greenery, ribbons and lanterns on the table. 
Play with it a bit until you get the look you want.

Lastly, I hung some ribbon on the windows - easy and chic.

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  1. Hey, that was an amazing centerpiece, I love that green mesh :) This is such a perfect addition to my list of beautiful Christmas table decorations and centerpieces. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I've been browsing for simple and easy to make Christmas table decorations and your centerpiece is truly stunning! Glad I come across to your blog. Thanks for sharing inspiration!