DIY Christmas Wreath - Paper Roses

Have you ever wonder what to do with that stash of last year's holiday cards? Well here's a DIY project to help upcycle those cards into a piece of Christmas swag. Note, just a word of caution, after having done this project I've realized it takes more time than expected.

 Here are the items you'll need:

Start by removing the garland from the Dollar Store wreath. Note, you could also use a Styrofoam ring.

Next you'll make the paper roses, simply cut the cards into a circles and  then cut each circle into a swirl. It helps to cut the swirl skinnier on the outer rings.


Once all your swirls have been cut, start rolling your roses. Begin at the outer edge of the swirl and work your way in.

Glue your roses together with the glue gun and then affix to the wreath frame.


Here is the final wreath. Looks great and very economical. Put it anywhere (but not likely outside).

Harlow And Thistle

Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm a Momma, a Designer and a hopeless DIY'er. I love finding ways to achieve a lux look for less.

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