Top 10 Candy Corn Inspired DIY Projects

Here are some great DIY projects inspired by Candy Corn. Click on the titles to link through to the original tutorials.

 1.  Candy Corn Vases

2.  Candy Corn Pumpkins - The pumpkin is orange so spray the top and bottom only.

3. Candy Corn Poms

4. Candy Corn Bags

5. Candy Corn Printable Invite

6. Candy Corn Cheesecake

7. Candy Corn Candles

8. Candy Corn Traffic Cones - Great to decorate outdoors.

9. Candy Corn Pudding Pops

10. Candy Corn Footprint Craft 


Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm a Momma, a Designer and a hopeless DIY'er. I love finding ways to achieve a lux look for less.

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