2022 Interior Design Trends

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Happy New Year! Well it's that time again, time to pick out my New Years Eve pyjamas.  Just kidding, I'm wearing them already. As another celebration is dulled by the pandemic I'm lightening the mood and ringing in the new year with some 2022 Interior Design Trend predictions. Read on and remember, if there's anything these past few year has taught us, it's that predictions are just best guesses, anything can happen. Here are some home decor trends for 2022 that are definitely worth taking a second glance.

2022 Interior Design Trends

1. Conservatory Revival
These traditional glass rooms are making an official comeback. The need to incorporate more of the outdoors inside is another silver lining of the pandemic. Spending so much time in-doors has us wanting to expand out living spaces and further blur the indoor and outdoor lines. While conservatories are similar to greenhouses in that they can grow plants, they are different in that they are for enjoying an additional living space. Today's modern conservatories have evolved to include sleeker lines, more flexibility and solar panels. We can't wait to see how this trend plays out in 2022 and beyond.

2022 Interior Design Trends - conservatories

2. Biophilic Design
The conservatories in Trend #1 and Biophilic design go hand in hand. The art of connecting your interior with the exterior will be a big focus in 2022. This year we will be seeing biophilic design entering our homes in the form of large potted trees, indoor food gardens and living plant walls to name a few. This is way beyond your simple herb garden. Get ready to see this trend to germinate for years to come. 

2022 Interior Design Trends
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3. Table Lamps Everywhere 
Perhaps it's the fluidity of people working from home turning their dining tables into desks and vice-versa but in 2022 we'll be seeing table lamps popping up in unexpected places in interior design. Layering lighting options is always a key component of well designed space but this trend is more about the look that than the function. Look for table lamps in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, they'll show up pretty much anywhere in 2022. 

4. Monotone wood
In 2022, we will be seeing monotone wood tones from the ceiling to the walls to the floors, it's the log cabin reloaded. We're looking forward to seeing this supercharged Hyge trend pushed even further. 

2022 Interior Design Trends

5. Curves
This trend has been rounding the bend for a few years now. whether it be an entryway, a range hood, a closet or an island in 2022 we will see more people embrace curves and arches in their home design projects. The warmth and coziness that curves bring to a home are set to be a long standing trend.

2022 Interior Design Trends

Happy New Year to you and yours.

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