One Room Challenge Spring 2020: Week One - The Room

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Starting a One Room Challenge in the middle of a pandemic adds another layer of challenge, no? Nothing says challenge like stores closed, borders closed and delayed shipping. I suppose the silver lining is that we have nothing but time. We moved into this house just under a year ago and these two bathrooms are the last rooms we need to update (well not including the patio, basement and dining room lol). As usual the One Room Challenge Spring 2020 makeover motivates me to get it done in a tight timeline (six weeks to be exact).

One Room Challenge 2020 Week 1

One Room Challenge 2020

If this is your first time hearing about it, the One Room Challenge is a design event that takes place twice a year (Spring and Fall), where designers have six weeks to makeover one room in their home and blog about it along the way. I have participated in the One Room Challenge six times, one time as a featured designer and four times as a guest participant.

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The Rooms (That's right I'm doing two yikes):

Room #1. Main Bathroom - Let's be honest, there is nothing majorly wrong with this room.  The only problem is that it doesn't match with the rest of house. Since it's one of the most used rooms and our kids pretty much own it I decided to give it a makeover. Nothing fancy. We're going to refinish the cabinet, add a new counter top, new mirror, new light fixture, new faucet and a wall treatment.

One Room Challenge 2020 - week 1 the room

Room #2. Master Bathroom
This little nugget of a room has some serious nostalgia. If my husband would let me I'd keep the wallpaper. The pink tube of a shower has to go though. The previous owners literally painted the pink tile white and it wasn't proving the test of time. Similar to the main bathroom we are going to refinish the cabinet, redo the shower with a glass door and pony wall and add a new mirror, light fixture, faucet and yes some sort of wall treatment.

One Room Challenge Spring 2020

One Room Challenge 2020 - week 1 the room

One Room Challenge 2020 - week 1 the room

I will be sharing the plans for these two rooms next week.

Be sure to check out the official designers participating in the One Room Challenge and the guest participants at Calling it Home.

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One Room Challenge 2020 guest participant

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