2020 Interior Design Trends

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Well the decade has come to an end. It seems like yesterday I was sitting with my parents watching 2020 and now here we are. The 2010's brought us white kitchens, grey, grey and more grey, buffalo plaid and herringbone. I can't wait to see what the 2020's have in store. Today I'm sharing some 2020 Interior Design Trends that could potentially make their mark on the next decade.

2020 Interior Design Trends

1. Rounded Edges:
This trend begin making waves in 2019 and we will really see it reach it’s rounded peak in 2020. Curved edges evoke a sense of calmness to any space which is why we will see these curves in built-ins, doors, furniture and even on island counter tops. Curves and arches are a great way to add calmness and warmth to a space.

2020 Interior Design Trends Curves

2. Textured Wall Treatments:
In 2020 we will see a resurgence of faux wall treatments, yikes I know, but they will come back more subtle and refined less spongy and blotted. We'll see Venetian plaster and stucco skim coats. These frescos will add texture, depth and give any room old world charm.

2020 Interior Design Trends- venetian plaster
Photo: The Wensley

3. Hickory and Other Brown Tones:
The dark muted tones of the Hickory stain will be a big hit in 2020. Serving as the anti-thesis to the popular light wood of late, the earthy browns of Hickory in a matte finish will add drama and help ground any space.

2020 Interio Design Trends Hickory
Photo: Ace Studio

4. Sustainability:
This will continue to be a big theme in 2020 and beyond. It could be the biggest trend of the next decade. The options and price points for sustainable pieces and textiles have come down in the past few years allowing the most budget conscious consumer to search out sustainable pieces. In 2020, to combat the growing popularity of fast-fashion in interior design, sustainability and reuse will be an increasingly important consideration in home furniture purchase decisions. We will be seeing the popularity of used furniture and accessories, and not just antiques, growing each year.

5. Zellige TerraCotta Tiles:
We caught these tiles making a mark in 2019 and we will continue to see this trend soar in 2020. Zellige TerraCotta Tiles (also known as Moroccan Tiles) have popped up in bathrooms and backsplashes. Their nonuniform shape and colour are the perfectly imperfect compliment to the wabi sabi fad.

2020 Interior Design Trends Zellige Tiles
Photo/Design: Zio and Sons

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