Tips for Selecting a Ceiling Fan

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We're slowly moving into our new home. This week we tackled our master bedroom. It's not totally done yet but it's done enough to live with for awhile. The previous owners of our house had a ceiling fan in the master (one of those tulip fluted fans from the eighties) my first thought was to replace it with a regular light fixture (because that's always been my knee-jerk reaction to ceiling fans), however I decide to take a look at the ceiling fans on the market today and see if they had evolved with the rest of the world Guess what? They have! There are so many amazing options for ceiling fans now days, everything from finishes to number of blades to remote controls so I thought I'd share my tips for selecting a ceiling fan below.

As part of the Modern Handmade Home Series we've partnered with Emerson Fans to update one room in our homes. Emerson Fans have set the industry standard for ceiling fans of high quality and timeless design. From the minute this fan was installed I've been in love. Honestly I love waking up to the nice breeze every morning. I selected the Astor model (it's new), it comes in black and white with hints of gold. I love it's round shape, it really compliments the rest of the light fixtures in our home. Here are some tips on how I landed on this one:

1. Ceiling Height
Fans are generally good in spaces with ceilings 9 ft or higher.  If you have ceilings on the 9 ft side be sure to select a flush mount ceiling fan or one that can get as close to the ceiling as possible. Emerson Fans has a whole bunch of recommendations around this on their website so be sure to check it out.


2. Remote Controls
Those fans with the little pulled down chain still exist but they've made advances in how these could be controlled remotely. For example, my Astor fan comes with a remote control that enables me to change the speed of the fan (up to four speeds) and turn the light on and off without leaving my bed (very handy at night). Be sure to look into these features, it's something I didn't think about at first but I'm so glad I did.


3. Lighting
Not all ceiling fans have lights included. This is a personal preference. There are many lighting options for fans, everything from LED to the shape of the shade, there are tons of decisions to make. Be sure to double check the size and shape of the light you select because it will need to correspond to your fan fixture.



All I can say is that I love my fan. I'm a fan of fans (whamp wham).  I don't think I'll ever go back. 
Oh yes, I've got a little video if you'd like to see this fan in action:

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This post is in partnership with Emerson Fans. All expressed opinions are my own.

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