One Room Challenge Spring 2019 - Week 2: Top 5 Outdoor Trends

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I was at a bit of a standstill during Week 2 of the One Room Challenge (due to weather, such is life when you select your patio to makeover). So with that I've decided to share my Top 5 Outdoor Trends of 2019 instead of a full room update. My trend report was recently quoted in a Toronto Sun article titled "Embracing Outdoor Living" so I thought I'd share the full list here.  Here we go.

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019

Top 5 Trends to Bring your Backyard to Life

1. Light up the Night
Outdoor lamps and hanging pendants will continue to be a big trend in outdoor living in 2019. As with our interiors, we will layer our lighting outdoors to have various options for different times of day or for our different moods. Perhaps a drum shade over head while eating dinner or lamps flanking the outdoor sofa while curled up with a glass of wine or maybe pendants hanging from the trees for a romantic retreat. However you spend time outdoors lighting will be an essential part of it.

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019
 Photo Credit: Love Create Celebrate

2. Retro Furniture with a Textured Twist
Minimalistic and uniquely designed wireframe furniture from days gone by will make a comeback in 2019 (like the vintage Woodward wrought iron set below). We will see it revived on it’s own, styled with a contrasting material such as fur or sheepskin or intricately woven with fabric between the rungs. A skinny metal side table or metal plant stand would be an easy way to incorporate this trend into your space. 

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019

3. Living Walls
Vertical gardens of uniquely patterned moss or climbing ivy in a deliberate criss cross pattern are a few examples of how living walls will make a big splash in 2019. Watching them develop throughout the season will be an exciting focal point and conversation piece in any outdoor living space. Plus, there are artificial versions available for those who want the look without the upkeep. 

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019

Photo Credit: Decors Veronneau

4. Painted Patio Tile
As is often the case, great indoor trends often makes their way outdoors a year or two later. The same is true for the trend of cement design tiles. Colourful design tiles that have exploded in interiors recently will make their way onto our patios this season adding interest and pops of colour. A great way to get this look for less is to try a faux painted tile on your existing patio stones or cement pad. 

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019

5. Hanging Daybed Swing
The porch swing all grown up. The hanging daybed swing is probably the most comfortable outdoor trend of 2019. Perfect for reading, cuddling on a summer afternoon or taking an afternoon nap. We’ll be seeing these suspended beauties  with loads of pillows and blankets. Honestly with a piece like this in your outdoor living room you may never come inside.

ORC: Top 5 Outdoor Trends 2019
Photo Credit: Plank and Pillow

Stay tuned for Week 3 when I will be tackling my fence and some other DIY projects.

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