Boho Patio Ideas

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The weather is getting warmer and the birds are chirping in the morning, does it get any better? I've been eager to get outside and start setting up my patio. Today, as part of the Modern Handmade Home Series, myself and three other bloggers are sharing some patio ideas in partnership with Article. Honestly if you haven't shopped the furniture at Article you are missing out. Their furniture and home accessories are the perfect mix of contemporary and mid-century modern. Plus they just introduced three new outdoor collections; Garden Scandi, Industrial Pop and Boho Westcoast (which immediately spoke to me). Below you will find some Boho Patio ideas that can turn any plain patio into a relaxing modern grotto.


1. Add a Statement Piece
A showstopping piece like the Sol Daybed from Article is the perfect focal point for any boho space. With an authentic rattan base and soft poly-fill cushion it works on a patio or surrounded by plants in a sitting room.

2. Layer Your Textiles
Adding layers of rugs, throws, drapes and curtains can add depth to a space and create a sense of comfort and relaxation.

3. Add Lush Plants (Real or Artificial)
Yes I said it. You can use artificial plants outside. I know this seems counter intuitive but if your patio is too hot or too shaded to grow plants then an outdoor artificial plant is the way to go (just make sure you spray them with an outdoor protector). Plants are a must on a boho patio.


4. Bump Up The Pillow Quota
My husband wouldn't agree with me on this one because he strongly dislikes throw pillows but I say the more pillows the better (maybe I should have put that on my online profile lol). Seriously though, pillows put the "oh" in "boho" (in a PG sense). It just wouldn't be a boho patio without them.


5. Incorporate Rattan or Wicker
Adding rattan or wicker immediate heightens the rustic indo charm to a space. The Sol Daybed from Article has an authentic rattan base that is sturdy without being too heavy (which is key if you want to move it indoors for the winter). I think I'm just looking for opportunities to talk about this Daybed - it's awesome.


boho-patio-ideas-articleBe sure to check out the other blogger's in the Modern Handmade Home Series to see how they've incorporated some great pieces from Article into their outdoor spaces.  Lindi from Love, Create, Celebrate shares some tips for picking patio furniture, Thalita from The Learner Observer has a great front porch makeover and Colleen from Lemon Thistle shows us a modern brick patio.

4 modern patio updates

This post is in partnership with Article. All expressed opinions are my own.

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