DIY Wall Mounted Pot Rack

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I have some big news! Style Me Pretty Living featured my little 1960's fixer upper in their SMP Living Home Tours. Honestly I was honoured to be recognized by such a prestigious online magazine. The SMP Living team did such a lovely job piecing together the story of our renovation project and they really made it look beautiful. I suspect I'll be reeling from this high for awhile, doing random shreeks of joy. Part of my SMP Living Home Tour included my DIY Wall Mounted Pot Rack and it made me realize I hadn't posted the tutorial to the blog yet so I thought I'd post it today.


I really feel pot racks are making a come back. They're functional and they turn your everyday pots and pans into works of art. The blank wall behind the island in my kitchen needed a functional focal. Since my kitchen lends itself to that "old world" charm I thought a DIY wall mounted pot rack would be the perfect element to fill that wall.



All that I used to create this beauty was a few strips of wood (or dowel), black paint and some shower curtain hooks (yep you heard right). I literally laid out what I wanted to do on the floor of the hardware store so I knew exactly what I needed and could select wood that wasn't warped. I brought everything home and painted the wood black. I first installed the two vertical pieces to the wall with screws and then used my nail gun to adhere the horizontal pieces. I eye-balled the spacing because I knew I wanted a larger space at the bottom. Then I added the shower hooks and hung the pots off of them. Note, you may need an additional nail or screw in the middle of your horizontal pieces depending on their length. Other than that it's an easy way to include a trendy functional piece into your home at a lower cost (unless you're a blacksmith or someone who knows a blacksmith, in that case I say go cast iron).




That's it! Be sure to check out more pics on the SMP Living Home Tour and excuse me while I go celebrate - Shreeek!


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