The Top Home Decor Trends for 2018 | Harlow & Thistle

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Happy New Year! I hope you are all recovering nicely from whatever you were up to. Today I'm sharing my Top Home Decor Trends for 2018.

The Top Home Decor Trends for 2018 | Harlow & Thistle

1. Animal Print
Animal print is making a resurgence and it’s acting like a neutral. In addition to the usual suspects (eg cheetah, zebra, tiger etc) in 2018 we’ll be seeing new animals join the pack from the spotted deer, antelope, caribou and tortoise.

2. Camel and Ebony
Camel is back in a big way and when paired with the dark tones of ebony the contrast really pops. This rich combination will be seen in various textures and materials from leather, velvet, paint and wood stain.

3. Wallpaper All Cut Up
Wallpaper has been on-trend for a few years now and it isn’t expected to stop anytime soon. In 2018, we’ll see wallpaper expand beyond full walls into borders, half walls and even super graphics.

4. Arched Doorways
I am currently obsessed with arched doors and doorways so I had to include it in my list. Curves are known to be calming so what better way to introduce a room than a lovely set of arched french doors. Look out for curves in 2018.

5. Brass and Frosted Glass Lighting
With a nod to the eighties, brass and frosted glass light fixtures will be big in 2018. Adding a soft glow to a room while on and a beautiful piece of art while off.

 Have a wonderful 2018 everyone! Keep an eye out for these trends and more.

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