One Room Challenge Fall 2017 - Week 5: Hanging the Metrie Door

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Well it's November and I'm entering the home stretch of the ORC. I'm soo excited this week because as promised we finally hung the Metrie Door with Nostalgic Warehouse knob and I am in love.


As you may remember, during the summer, I won the #MyDoorDoOver Contest with Metrie Doors and Nostalgic Warehouse. The door I selected was the fashion forward glass door with an oil rubbed bronze New York door knob . I originally picked the glass version of this door so it would help me keep my office clean - as you can see this is already not working out - but the ORC isn't over so I'm cutting myself some slack.


My husband helped me install the door this week. We don't often take on projects together because we're both head strong and it often ends in one of snapping on the other (or both of us, well yes, it's usually both of us snapping at some point). Once we had the door hung both commented that we barely bumped heads this time - maybe there's hope for us and future projects.

First he started by removing the old door, here's a reminder of what it looked like.


Then he brought in the new door, lined up the hinges from the old door, traced them and chiseled them out.


Then he drilled a hole for the door knob (luckily we had the door knob drill bit from our basement renovation) and then he drilled the hole for the knob latch.


The Metrie door is a bit heavier than our original door but once we had it hung it was no problem.



To get caught up on the progress so far, you can check out Week 1 (the plan), Week 2 (painting) and Week 3 (stencil tips), Week 4 (furniture makeover).  Next week I'll be tying up all the loose ends - floating shelves, hanging a drape and tidying up.

Be sure to check out the One Room Challenge featured participants progress and the guests participants. Also, follow me on Instagram for updates and other fun stuff.

See you next week : )
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  1. Oh I LOVE that door!! look fantastic and I love how you can now see your wall treatment even from outside!! We are almost there now!

  2. The door blows me away! I MUST find a place to use one in my house! Coming along beautifully!

  3. Love the new door. It's really coming along. Can't wait for the reveal!