Modern Light Switches and Plate Covers

Do you love chic unexpected details in a home? I'm a details girl. I love looking around a room and finding little sparks of delight, it all adds a sense of personality and lux to a room. Today, I'm sharing a new way to add a hint of extraordinary to your home by updating a utility we use everyday - the outlet and switch. Let's face it from a design standpoint our outlets and switches have somewhat been forgotten, which is funny because we probably use them more now than ever with the advent of technology, so it only seems right that they be given an upgrade too. The adorne Collection by Legrand offers a modern take on switches and outlets. Not only are they stylish and customizable but the innovative features such as USB compatibility, WiFi dimmers and popping outlets really take them to the next level.

If you caught my Instastories yesterday you may have seen me updating the switch in my office. As a side bar, I'm planning to update my office for the One Room Challenge Fall 2017 so I thought I'd get a head-start and quickly update the switches and outlets. Seriously guys, I'm no electrician but this was way easier than I expected. The video instructions on the adorne site were super helpful.

I selected the adorne Paddle Switch and a White Switch Plate. During the One Room Challenge I will be updating the plate to the custom plate where you can literally place your own wallpaper onto the it - so amazing - just waiting for my wallpaper to arrive. As I mentioned above, installation is not as hard as you may think so don't be intimidated. All you need is a screwdriver and some wire cutters. 

First, and most importantly, turn off your power - go to your switch box and turn off the main fuse. Once you've tested the switch and have ensured no power is going to it use the screwdriver to take off the old switch.

Remove the old switch. Cut the black wires according to the length on the back of the adorne switch box. Note, my switch is a 1-pole if yours is a three-way the instructions are a bit different, be sure to check the video and instruction provided.

Connect your ground wire to the green ground wire on the switch plate (grounding the switch plate is a new requirement, many older homes do not have a ground wire within the switch box - consult your electrician). Check out the video for more details on this.

Pull the black wires through the plate and screw the switch plate back on the wall.

Insert the black wires into the top and bottom holes of the switch and screw them in (do not put one in the hole marked three-way). Test the switch before clicking it into place.

Finally, place the switch plate on top, give it a little press until you hear it click, check all four sides.

That's it! I love the way it looks, so sleek and fresh.

For so long our outlets and switches have been forgotten, thanks to Legrand and the adorne Collection our outlets and switches can now be as current and modern as our technology.

Stay tuned to the blog when I update this switch with the wallpaper for my One Room Challenge Office update.

This post is in collaboration with Legrand. All expressed opinions are my own.

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