Dining Room Pendant Light

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I shared my round up of modern pendant light fixtures on my Instastories yesterday and I'm afraid this post may disappoint a few people in my final choice. Most people voted for the long gold light fixture which I agree is amazing and probably would look beautiful in any space but in my smallish dining room it may have been too overpowering, leaving me right back where I started (and if I change this light again my husband will kill me).

In the end we decided on a pair of Tyler Geometric Pendant lights from Wayfair. I love the modern airy vibe they add to the room. They are less obtrusive than my old chandeliers and offer a balance to some of the farmhouse elements.

Modern Cluster Light Fixture Wayfair

Here is the before (I know, I know, not awful and maybe not even worth messing with but that's me).

The Tyler Pendant light came in a small box and was easy to assemble. Thank you again Wayfair.

Modern Cluster Light Fixture Wayfair

Modern Cluster Light Fixture Wayfair

Let me know what think in the comments below? I'm in love.

Now...onto my next project. More DIY's coming to the blog - I'm suffering from DIY withdrawal.

Sponsored by Wayfair. But this light fixture is truly beautiful. All expressed opinions are my own.  

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