One Room Challenge Spring 2017 - Week 2 - Laundry Room Demo

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Can you believe it's Week 2 of the @oneroomchallenge already? (Check out my full laundry room makeover plans in Week 1 ). Let's just say this week lived up to the name "challenge". I originally decided on a laundry room makeover because of the size and ease of completion given the six week ORC timeframe. This week I tackled the demolition and it proved this theory wrong.

Not sure if you caught my Instastory on Instagram but my laundry room demo kinda snowballed out of control (look at my face - you can see the fear in my eyes). The cabinet above the sink came off pretty easily (I find it funny that IKEA furniture comes down faster, and with less divorce talk, than it does to put together). The trouble with this demo started when I began removing the backsplash tiles. I always use a chisel and hammer to remove wall tiles but this time it just didn't do the trick. The tiles around the edges came off okay but after some fighting and some colourful swear words the rest of the mosaic tile just tore off in one giant piece leaving two gaping holes, ugh. Needless to say, I have my weekend plans set - learning to how to drywall, mud and tape.

(PS - I know the wall tile isn't horrible but I'm in love with my Walls Need love Wallpaper coming soon)

Wait for it...

Nothing a little garbage bag can't hide for now.

You can see my laundry room makeover plans in my week 1 post. Thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for putting together this amazing rollarcoaster of a challenge. And, don't forget to check out the progress of the designers participating in the One Room Challenge and the other guest participants.

Next week, I will paint the walls, put up my Walls Need Love wallpaper (maybe), and put in the sink and counter-top. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up on my latest swear worthy disasters.

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  1. Oh that sucks! You shouldn't have looked so determined in that first good comes from a lady sitting on a sink with a determined look on her face holding a hammer! LOL!! Now that I've laughed at your misfortune, I have every confidence that you will become a master drywaller by the weekend. ;) You style that canvas girl!

    1. Haha, you are my kindred spirit. That comment is hilarious (So true about my photo).

  2. Laughing so hard at the IKEA comment...! The husband and I assembled and installed our entire IKEA kitchen DIY-style – so I can definitely relate, ha! Also, if your Insta stories are anything like this hilarious post, I'm in for a treat! New Insta follower right here. XO

    1. Haha, thanks Oksana. I always think IKEA should sell marriage counselling and call it something cute like "IKÄNSNAP". Cheers to new Insta-friends - look forward to following you as well.