How to do a Gallery Wall

Do you have a ton of photos that you never print? It seems with today's digital world we are taking more photos than ever before from lay flats to coffee pics to floor pics to feet pics - we've almost done it all - all except to print them.

I will often create a photo book spur of the moment like after a vacation or something. It's good to get into this habit and train yourself to not care about the layout - just get it printed. There are some great apps that make this super easy like Shutterfly etc. However, I don't often print large photos for the frames in my house.

I've had a stack of 9 black rim frames sitting in my office for six months. I decided it was time to create my photo gallery wall. The formation of this gallery wall is super easy to achieve and it was a great activity to do with the kids. I let my little guy pick the photos he wanted in each frame and he could even hang a few of the lower ones. The only major tip to do this gallery wall is to ensure the top row is level then adjust the other row as necessary.  One trick I always do (which is a bit of a hack) is to use two nails for each frame and slightly tap the nail up or down with the hammer depending on the minor adjustments you need.

Now I'm noticing how bad that white vent cover sticks out (real life blogger problems) - I'll just paint it I guess.  Oh and we also finally added some black and white photos to the the fireplace mantel (don't forget to check out this fireplace remodel).

I'm so happy to finally have these photos up, some great family memories. It really does make our house feel more like a home.

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