Top Kitchen Trend of 2017 - Reclaimed Terra Cotta

My family and I went to the ROM yesterday, I loved watching my son's faces as they saw their first dinosaur (skeleton) and shaking their bums trying imitate the dino with the ball on it's tail (not sure what it's called).

Being around all that old stuff made me think of other old stuff like Terracotta - my Top Kitchen Trend for 2017 on the Style at Home website. "Terracotta is back! But it's not the tangy orange clay you're used to. In 2017, Reclaimed Rose Terracotta will be hitting it big. Following the trend of reclaimed wood, the rich creams and pale pinks of this antique terra cotta tile will be the next phase in the modern farmhouse kitchen. Look for hexagon or herringbone for a modern take on this old classic. Pairing over-sized pendants and industrial decor with reclaimed terracotta will help keep the space current."

Source: Country Living Co. Photo by Brent Darby

I know I know a lot of people cringe at the sound of Terracotta but I think you'll see things differently after scrolling through the images below. Reclaimed Terracotta flooring can be beautiful in any room.

Source: De Opkamer (Blue terracotta)

Source: Decorpad

Source: My Domain

Source: Decorpad 

Source: Alhambrahome

 Source: HomeBrunch
What do you think? Have I converted you?

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I absolutely love all these floors. My favorites are brick and slate.

    1. Ahh Gabriela! I'm so glad you commented. I've been trying to find your blog but I couldn't remember the name of it. Hope you are well. I agree, love these floor too!