DIY Succulent Terrarium from a Light Fixture

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I love succulents. They are such interesting plants. I'm just not confident in my "plant nurturing" abilities at this time (my boys are currently sucking out all my "nurturing" abilities). So here's how to make a faux succulent terrarium from a light fixture.

A few weeks ago I was visiting my parent's and my Dad mentioned that they replaced their hallway light and asked me if I would like the old one (it looked like the one below). I thought about it and immediately knew that I would use it for - a DIY succulent terrarium.
My Dad removed the based of the light fixture (it was attached by 4 screws), he kept the posts attached to the glass shade because they were welded on which ended up being a huge help attaching the succulent terrarium to the wood base. I picked up some faux succulents from Michaels, some moss and a round wooden cheese board from the Dollarstore.

I began by marking out where I wanted to drill the holes.

I drilled the holes (note, I also carved out larger holes at the back to allow space for the bolts to sit within the cheeseboard.

I hot glued the moss and faux succulents onto wooden cheese board.

Finally I attached the light fixture glass shade onto the wooden cheese board by inserting the screws into the holes and screwing bolts onto the back.

This is one my favourite DIYs and a great upcycle for an old light fixture.

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  1. Love this, such a great diy. I'm going to be on the look out at the thrift store for one of those old lights now!

    1. Thanks for the note! Totally, they always have a few of these at the thrift stores (I love a good thrift store find). Let me know if you try this DIY : )