2017 Decor and Design Trends Overall

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Happy New Year! Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the first day of 2017. I always take new years day slow, relaxing, enjoying family and avoiding housework (don't want to sweep away any new year good vibes. I love it when my superstitions give me permission to be lazy). So here's a nice light read for you, my round up of 2017 Design and Decor Trends (overall). And don't forget to check out Style at Homes round up of 2017 Decor and Design Trends from 6 other trend-spotting designers.

1. Black Steel Factory Doors (as featured on Style at Home)
Loft-inspired design has been around for few decades but we're seeing a resurgence of this trend with the black steel factory door. The large black grid of these elegant beauties are not only attractive but they provide great sight lines to the outdoors, further forging the relationship between indoor and outdoor living. They can easily elevate any modern or traditional home whether as a patio door, room divider or shower door. With this much versatility, it's easy to see why the black steel factory door is expected to be a big winner in 2017!

2017 Design Trends_harlow and Thistle_Black Steel Doors
(Photo Credit: Kidd Epps)

2. Mouldings and More
Mouldings and trim will continue to make their evolution in 2017.  Our love of moulding and trim will expand to other reaches of our home and into other patterns and shapes. From geometric trim on the ceiling or door to chunky right angle baseboards. In addition, strategically placed arches will also be a big theme in 2017. Look for them in doorways, range hoods and shower doors.

2017 Design Trends_harlow and Thistle_Mouldings
 (Photo Credit: Metrie

3.  Macrame and More
The lost art of macrame will find it's voice again in 2017. We saw it peeping threw in 2016 and now is it's time to shine... or hang shaggy as it does. We'll be seeing macrame plant holders, shelves and wall art. Unconventional, messy and beautiful.

2017 Design Trends_harlow and Thistle_Macrame
 (Photo Credit: Harlow and Thistle)

4. Wallpaper
The popularity of wallpaper will continue to grow in 2017. In addition to the great prints we saw in 2016 (eg the amazing moody floral print by Ellie Cashman), in 2017 we'll see some cheeky prints making waves, such as this great print by Walls Need Love, first look you think "beautiful", second glance you think "Is that scotch?" The art of surprise will be a design detail in 2017.

2017 Design Trends_harlow and Thistle_Wallpaper (Photo Credits: Walls Need Love)

5. Tidy Grandma
Keep the things you love out - even if they don't match and are outdated - if they're tidy and minimal it will create an eclectic warm look. From old Persian rugs, antique chairs and modern chandeliers.

2017 Design Trends_harlow and Thistle_GrandmaChic
(Photo Credit: Domino Magazine)

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Kitchen Trends to come in the next day or so.

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