DIY Wooden Shim Christmas Garland

My mom called me this morning and said she couldn't find my new blog post. I told her I hadn't posted it yet and she said 'you better get on it, people are waiting' (by 'people' she meant her and a few of her friends).  I told her I wasn't happy with the way this one turned out and she said don't worry nobody knows how you wanted it to turn out. It reminded me of "wabi-sabi" (finding perfection in the imperfection). My mom was right (I've learned this so many times throughout my life lol). So, in honour of my most faithful follower and best friend, mom, this post is for you.

A DIY Wooden Shim Christmas Garland. Seriously guys, these builder shims are dirt cheap (approx $1.50 for 12) and they're super inspiring. Oh yes, and you can find the DIY for the oversized tassels here.

PS - my mantle looks scratched below but it's just the hairs on the jute. 
Here are the things you'll need. Note, I started with some colourful Krylon spray paint but decided to go for white in the end.

First put together your stars without glue, then layer them together with some hot glue. The hot glue worked really well on these wooden shims.

Once your stars are done, let the glue cool and spray paint them white. I tested out a few different colours and I stained a couple but I ended up liking plain white the best.

Glue a string of jute to the backs of each star.

Wow, I need a new glue gun, lol
Well, that's it. Now I just need to decide on a final spot for this garland.

My little guy is wondering how to grab it lol ; )

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