Top 5 Toy Storage Ideas

As a mom of two crazy little men, people often ask me "how do you keep your house so tidy?" okay so "people" don't often ask me, it's more like a few of my friends ... okay it's me, it's me asking myself in the mirror, ugh. Let's face it, we all struggle with keeping a tidy house. In my case it's toys, big, small, squishy, hard, lego, cars, balls, etc ... the list goes on and on. The only way I can keep up with the daily toy explosion is to keep it hidden for as long possible and as often as possible.
Here are my top 5 toy storage ideas:

1. Ikea Trofast storage solution. These are amazing because you can label each bin something different (eg lego, cars, dinos etc) and the little guys can pull them out play and easily put them back. I'm a huge fan.

2. Wire baskets. I got this one from Homesense but I have many. I love the way they look and the boys love putting stuff in them.

3. Wooden Crates. I got a few wooden crates off Kijiji from a local farm. These have been some of the best mult-purpose items in my home. In my boys rooms I use them as book shelves (inspect for nails before using it).

4. Bags and baskets. I got this one from homesense but ThirtyOne has some amazing baskets like this that you can even personalize!

 5. Finally, hide it anywhere. Is that an ottaman? Surprise, it's a box full of toys. Nice cabinet? Surprise, it's a big toy garage. You can pretty much find toys stashed everywhere in our house, we're like squirrels stashing nuts for the winter.

How do you hide your toys and clutter? Any good tips out there?
Stay tuned for more One Room Challenge progress coming to the blog soon : )

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