One Room Challenge - Week 2 (and Week 1 for me)

I've always been intimidated by power tools and down right scared scared of anything that cuts (honestly sometimes I have hard time with big knives). So today was a big step for me, I bought a mitre saw! eee! I'm nervous just thinking about it. I bought the saw for a very special DIY project I have planned for the One Room Challenge. Details on this project will come to the blog next week. The room I've chosen for the challenge is my Dinning/living room (it's basically one room).  I'm one week behind on the challenge but I'm confident I can still make it work... if I can just build up the guts to pull the saw out of the box lol.

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Here are my One Room Challenge plans - before pics of the room below.

Here are some before pics of the room (note, furniture is from the previous owner).

Harlow And Thistle

Hi! I'm Andrea, I'm a Momma, a Designer and a hopeless DIY'er. I love finding ways to achieve a lux look for less.


  1. Hello Andrea,

    Following you from Blog Podium 2016. You have a lovely blog. Can't wait to see your finished project. I will be back.


    1. Thank Gabriela! It's coming along. Great to see you last night : )

  2. Exciting! I have to agree with you on the power tools. Good luck with all the cutting, I know it will go just fine!

    1. haha, nice to hear other people share my fear. It was actually way better than I was expecting. Thanks for the encouragement :)