DIY Basement Reno - HVAC

So my aunt recently told my son that if he eats his crust he'll grow big muscles, well it was genius because I haven't had to cut crusts in over a week! Plus he's going around saying that he has "big muscles" which is super cute. It's only too bad he's not older because we'd be able to put those muscles to work on our basement reno. PS, I know I shouldn't have bare feet in the pic below but I took it quickly and ran upstairs.

When we bought our new house the basement was some what roughed-in however there were a lot of weird things happening specifically with the HVAC. See if you can spot it below.

Not sure if you caught it but the HVAC ran diagonal across the ceiling which was great for efficiency (as in the shortest distance between A and B) but gave us two options for the ceiling (i) a really weird diagonal bulk-head or (ii) lower ceiling. We didn't like either option so we decided to run the HVAC around the parameter of the room to solve the problem and create an architectural feature. Our HVAC guy Brandon completed this in one day for a great price.

I loved it right away but now that the dry-wall is going up I am even more pleased with our decision.

Stay tuned for more reno updates.

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