DIY Felt Shorts for Baby

Of course I had to make some felt shorts to complete the birthday outfit. See felt crown DIY here. These shorts are adorable. I only wish I had made matching suspenders.
Use an existing pair of shorts or pants as a guide for the pattern (I probably shouldn't have used grey shorts here - I can see how this is could be confusing). Fold them in half and trace them onto some wax paper (I used newsprint here but I don’t recommend it because it can rub off on your fabric).
Cut the felt according to your pattern.
Sew a hem along the bottom of each leg. I made a wide hem here and purposefully used white thread to add character character to the shots.
Turn them inside-out and sew along the inseam and then sew the fly seam shut.
 Turn right-side-back (? ) Don't you love my highly technical sewing terms
Cut two small holes into the inside of the waist hem. Use a safety pin to thread some elastic through. Sew or tie the elastic together.
Work them out a bit and voila. Cute little shorts.
One thing I learned on this one is to add a bit more fabric to the bum-side (especially when your little one is still in a diaper).

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