DIY Stuffed Moosehead Toy

I love little-man versions of anything. Plus I love anything rustic. This DIY fulfills both of these needs. It's a stuff moosehead toy. You may have seen these around at boutique stores but here is my dollar store version.
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Here are the things you'll need - I purchased both the stuffed animals and wooden plaques at the dollarstore.

First paint the plaques. I simply used some watered-down brown paint but you could use stain.

Next drill some holes in the plaques. I did 6. Note, I drilled them slightly off-center at the top because the heads will droop a bit.

 My little helper cleaned off the sawdust.

Now for the moosehead. This one was tough mentally (I don't know how people do the real thing lol) but I decided I'm going to use the left-over filling for another DIY so I feel better about it.

Ready to go.

I doubled-up my thread and sewed the moose onto the plaque.

That's it! Super easy, super fun and super affordable : )

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  1. What an adorable craft! Love your little helper too ;)