DIY Hutch Makeover

One of my favourite things to do is refinish old furniture and give it new life. I made this piece on my maternity leave. I bought the original hutch off craigslist with the intention to turn it into my craft cabinet. It turned out so well we decided to keep it as a display hutch.
 Here are the things you will need (and a piece of furniture of course). The stencil can be purchased from the dollar store or craft store such as Michaels.
 Here is the original hutch.
 I sanded it down with some all-purpose sandpaper. If I were to do this again I would have used a hand sander.
 Fold the sandpaper to get into the cracks and details.
 Next tape or remove the glass and hardware. Apply two coats of primer (this will save you many coats of paint).
  Next paint and let dry over night.
 To get the very inside edges I used a smaller brush with a piece of paper. Simply remove any access paint that accidentally gets on the glass with a damp cloth - if it is already dry gently use a razor blade to scrape it off.
 Apply your stencil on the inside of the back of the cabinet. Make sure it is stuck on good. Most stencils are reusable.
 Get out your sponge brushes and blot blot blot.
 Gently remove the stencil and repeat. If you make any errors go back with a smaller brush and make free-hand corrections.
 Here is the finished piece. I love it.
And of course, the all important 'before and after'

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