Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies with Stevia

Okay, I'm the first to admit my cooking and baking skills are a work in progress (at the very least I can follow a recipe).  I've recently been interested in trying some recipes with Stevia. I found this soft cookie recipe on "How to: Simplify" and thought I'd try it with Stevia. It worked great after a few test runs.
The biggest tip I learned was that you can't bake the cookies too long. It was actually out of error that I learned this. I had my last batch in the oven and my husband said "it's time for bed", so I took the last batch out of the oven and shut everything down. In the morning I tried the cookies I thought were ruined (from taking them out too early) and they were AMAZING!
 Stevia is more expensive but worth it for a natural no calorie sweetner. You don't even notice the difference. Note. with Stevia these cookies do not flatten when baked so they bake as balls unless you flatten them down.

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