DIY 3D Snowflakes

Here's are some DIY instructions for a few 3D paper snowflakes. These are easy and something fun you could do with the kids - plus them make great Christmas party decorations for the cost of a few pieces of paper.

Here is what you'll need. You might also need Scotch tape.

Be sure to cut your 8.5 x 11 pages into squares as follows.

Snowflake #1
This snowflake is super easy and great for assembly line work with the kids. You'll need six pieces of paper.

Snowflake #2
With this one you require a bangle or a ring of some sort to attached the paper. You'll need 8 pieces of paper for this snowflake.

Snowflake #3
A winter twist on the windmill. You'll need two pieces of paper. Make two snowflake windmills and attach them back to back.


At the end I put sparkles on all the snowflakes by simply spraying the adhesive, putting the snowflake in a garbage bag and shaking it with sparkles.

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