5 Ways to Make Hydrangeas Last Longer

I don't usually buy flowers for myself but when I saw some hydrangeas on sale for $1.99 at the grocery store yesterday I snatched them up. I love hydrangeas, the blooms are so big and full, they can really make an impact in an arrangement. When my husband got home he jokingly said "who bought you flowers?" haha, I didn't really think that one through.

5 ways to make hydrangeas last longer

As we all know "sale" flowers usually means tomorrow's garbage. I joked on Instagram that I am to hydrangeas what Phoebe was to Christmas trees. With a few tricks up my sleeve, I was able to resuscitate these hydrangeas back to life (for now).

Here 5 ways to make hydrangeas last longer:

1. Cut the stems vertically into a fringe (to let the flower soak up as much water as possible)
2. Add sugar to the water
3. Put the blooms in boiling water (it melts the sap to allow more water through)
4. Remove the leaves
5. Change out the water every two days

5 ways to make hydrangeas last longer

5 ways to make hydrangeas last longer

Now you can confidently buy almost dead flowers and know you too can bring them back to life. These tips work great for your wedding flowers as well.
In a week I will post an updated pick of the flowers show you how their doing.

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  1. Andrea...can't wait to see how they look in a week. Every time I put fresh water into the vase during the week+ I always use the hot water. They look beautiful in the photo you posted! :)