DIY Driftwood Mirror

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This idea came to me when my boys and I went for a walk by the lake and discovered a bunch of driftwood. The night before a huge storm had washed ashore tons of small pieces of driftwood. My son started collecting them and then the light bulb went off - let's make a mirror.

 Here are the things you'll need. 
Note, the paint will be used in a future DIY when I take this mirror to the next level.
 Here's a pic of my bub collecting the driftwood.
Give the wood a rinse and let it dry overnight.
Lay out the pieces around the mirror and play with it until you've got it the way you want.
Next start gluing.
I glued a hook on the back.
That's it! You're done!

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  1. What a great idea! I love your blog too, check out ours I think you will like!

  2. Thanks! Yes, love your blog too. Let's collab!